Concurrent Four Parallel Conferences
Low Carbon Earth Summit-2011 (LCES2011) BIT's 1st Annual World Congress of Petroleum Greentech 2011 (WCPG2011) The 2nd International Congress of Oil Field Chemicals-2011 (OFC) The 2nd Annual World Congress of Hydraulic Fracturing & Acidizing (WCHFA2011)

   About OFC-2010
The 1st International Congress of Oil Field Chemicals-2010 (OFC), with a theme of Green Chemistry for Petroleum, was held during November 15-18, 2010, Beijing, China. This conference provided a platform to exchange the most leading products for the experts specializing in oilfield chemistry also provides an ideal forum for the promotion of relevant companies, technologies and services.

  • Brilliant Presentations — — Giving an Insight into the Latest Technological Solutions Needed for Development of Oil Chemical Industry
  • Interactive Discussions — — Offering an Opportunity to Find out the Latest Developments, Future Plans and Criteria of Choosing Partners
  • Professional Show — — Raising the Visibility of Your Company' s Products and Technologies to a Number of Leading Experts
  • Sightseeing Tour — — Around One of the Most Beautiful Chinese Cities Rich in History and Culture

  •    Keynote Speaker
    Dr. Donald L. Whitfill, Global Technical Advisor ,Halliburton, USA

    Dr. He Zhang, PIPESIM Software Engineer, Schlumberger Houston Technology Center, USA

    Dr. Philip Lau, Director and President, Apollo Separation Technologies USA Inc., USA
    Dr. Paul McElfresh, Senior Research Scientist, Frac Tech Services, LLC, USA.    

       Programmed Tracks at a Glance
    Track 1: New Oilfield Chemical Technology Track 4: Chemicals for Well Stimulation
    Track 2: Chemicals for Drilling, Completion & Workover Track 5: Oil-Gas Gathering and Transferring Chemicals
    Track 3: Enhanced/Improved Oil Recovery Chemicals Track 6: Chemicals for Oilfield Water Treatment and Environmental Protection
    Session for Young Scientists  


    Workshop of Interpretation of Oilfield Purchase Management Process and Policy

    Special Topics:
    1. Centralized Management System of Oil Supplies Management Module
    2. How to Enter Chinese Material Procurement Process through "Energy Ahead Network '
    3. Interpretation of the "The Second Five Year Plan of China" of Oil Industry Standardization: Standardize the Purchase Policy
    4. The Utilization of E-commerce in the Procurement
    5. To Strengthen Quality Control in Oil Companies’ Purchase Process

       Oil Field Chemicals in China
    Oilfield chemicals are gaining increasing importance, as the resources of crude oil are decreasing. An increasing demand of more sophisticated methods in the exploitation of the natural resources emerges for this reason. Chinese emerging oilfield chemicals industry has developed some 1,000 varieties of products after more than 20 years of endeavors. The development and application of those chemicals have played an important role in the nation’s oil industry and gained remarkable technical and economic returns, becoming increasingly indispensable in the exploration and development of oilfields.

  • To meet face-to-face with the international movers and shakers      in the field of oil field chemicals
  • To meet with key decision makers around the world
  • To explore business opportunities in China and beyond
  • To spotlight advanced technologies and their scientific and      commercial applications
  • To take advantage of the conference's captive audience and      networking opportunities within the exhibition hall

  •    Scenery of Dalian

    Hosting Organization


    Information Research Center
    of International Talent, SAFEA

    Operating Organization

    Supporting Organizations

    (To be Invited)

    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade China Chamber of International Commerce Dalian Branch

    World Energy Council – WEC

    Nobel Across China

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